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Enable users to collaborate with favorite celebrities using the most sophisticated premium celebrity video sharing and messaging app.


About FansForX-Phoneo Clone

Introducing FansForX's Cameo Clone: Your Gateway to Celebrity Interactions and Promotions

  • Get personalized video shoutouts from your favorite celebrities worldwide.
  • Promote yourself and your products using celebrity shoutout videos on various social media platforms.
  • Ideal for individuals looking to create a digital media presence and businesses aiming to market their brand effectively.
  • Join millions of users benefiting from the cutting-edge Cameo clone app – seize this opportunity to invest in the future of celebrity interactions and promotions

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Why Launching A Cameo App Clone Is Profitable!

  • Facilitated over 27,000 hours of personalized interactions worldwide in 2021, making it the leading fan engagement platform.
  • Untapped verticals and market opportunities, providing room for new and innovative businesses to thrive.
  • Simple online web interface and Progressive Web App (PWA) for seamless user experience.
  • Lower cost and shorter time to market, enabling entrepreneurs and organizations to create Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) efficiently.

The Driving Factors of Cameo App Clone's Popularity

  • Provides an unbiased opportunity for people to connect and interact with their favorite celebrities from anywhere in the world.
  • Increased demand due to the global lockdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, offering a means of entertainment and engagement while staying at home.
  • Celebrities also sought alternative ways to connect with their audience and keep them engaged during the lockdown.
  • A feature-rich interface ensures a wide range of experiences for both celebrities and users, resulting in an optimal and enjoyable user experience.

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Standard Features of FansForX Cameo Clone Script

Basic functionalities of the Cameo app clone that makes it easy to use

Bespoke Shoutout Video Request

The users of our Cameo clone script can easily request their favorite celebrity for a completely personalized video request.

Premium Video Calling

On the Cameo clone script, users can now book a one-on-one video chat with the stars. This functionality gives our prebuilt app a leg up over the competition.

Unique Homescreen

Although the Cameo Clone App is created after the original Cameo app, the home screen is completely unique and inspiring.

Display Celebrity Profile

The celebrity profile displays a plethora of information in a single dashboard such as the number of followers, payments, video calls, earnings, etc.

Wallet Integration

Neither celebrities nor users have to worry about handling multiple transactions a day. The wallet integration allows for utmost flexibility.

Automated CRM

This enables artists to send out preset messages to users who are new to the platform, have started following or subscribed to them, etc.

Special Features of FansForX Cameo Clone

Unique and indigenous features of the FansForX Cameo app clone that sets it apart from the rest

NSFW Content

This feature enables the users to opt-in or out of any adult-oriented content. They can simply toggle the NSFW option while logging in.

Social Media Feed

Our Cameo clone app includes a social media feed that displays all of the posts made by celebrities and influencers on their social media accounts.

Premium Posts

Users can look through premium posts uploaded by celebrities. On a detailed page to the former, a long list of exclusive content is available.

Create Highlights

Creators can write stories and showcase them on their profile, just like on Instagram, so that users can see them even after a 24-hour period.

Creator Subscriptions

The creator profile shows the number of followers, as well as the total number of posts submitted and the cost of a shoutout, etc.

Premium Messaging

It allows celebrities and users to engage in one-on-one conversations using chats. Users can even receive exclusive photographs and texts.

Paid Livestreaming

On the Cameo Clone App, creators can offer paid live streams. While live-streaming, people can provide tips to each other.


Users can provide creators feedback on their engaging posts and material by sending them tips even during a live streaming session.

Must-have Functionalities of Apps Like Cameo Clone

The most essential and non-negotiable functionalities of Cameo app clone that assists the growth

Tailored Live Streaming

This function allows you to video chat with your favorite celebrity, allowing you to practically be with the celebrities you like. Our Cameo app clone provides users with the option to mute and unmute their microphone, switch on and off their video, and display their screen to the other user.

Premium Profiles

You may discover more about a celebrity by looking at their profile before commissioning a video from them. Premium celebrity profiles should also include the price of reserving the act, how long it takes them to react, user ratings, and any publicly available footage.

Public Sharing of Videos

A public or social feed is an essential characteristic since it can aid in the development of a fan and user community. Through these feeds, users may also see videos recorded by celebrities that have been made public by other users. This tool is comparable to TikTok and Instagram reels.


Your group of fans will be able to talk, debate, and communicate with other followers and celebrities thanks to comments. Fans can also query celebs regarding future videos or whatever they're interested in. This function also encourages interaction between celebrities and their followers.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are crucial since they keep consumers informed about what's going on in real-time. A push notification, for example, can keep you informed if your favorite star is online right now. Furthermore, it can notify users of new messages, updates, chat invitations, and much more.


Users of the FansForX Cameo clone script may prefer to connect with local celebrities rather than international celebrities. For this reason, our Cameo clone app has a built-in geolocation feature that lets users identify celebrities they like or artists who are located close to their vicinity or in their neighborhood.

Additional Benefits Of Using FansForX Cameo Clone

Dedicated features and functionalities for users that makes the app easy to use.


Company Name and Logo

The sweet deal you get with the FansForX Cameo app clone is that you get to rebrand our product completely with your name and logo.

Color Integration

One of the secrets to the successful branding and marketing of your celebrity shoutout app is to let it be unified along with the color.

Server Setup

The professionals at FansForX Cameo clone script will help host the software on the client's server, making the transfer seamless.

Integrated Payment

FansForX Cameo app clone uses Stripe, Razorpay, etc., to make transactions in the app as simple and efficient as possible.

Get Ready To Buy The All-Impressive FansForX Cameo Clone

FansForX for Business

Unlocking the Potential of Our Cameo Clone Script

Dedicated service for businesses to market products or host virtual events with celebrity appearances.

Exclusive licensing for marketing and commercial use, with a base price of $1,000 for 30 days.

Live sessions available for organizations and virtual events, starting at $10,000.

VIP service option with a dedicated client service representative, request prioritizing, and a 5% service fee waiver.


Why Choose FansForX Development Services?

Compelling reasons for you and your business to choose the FansForX Cameo app clone because it is second to none.

Completely Customizable

Although our Cameo clone app essentially has been inspired by the original Cameo app, the customization possibilities are endless.

A White-Label Solution

Our product, your brand. Our white-label solutions are as simple as it sounds since you can completely rebrand our product and make it yours.

Extremely Scalable

Our Cameo clone app development services are executed with excellent infrastructure hence extremely scalable along with your business.

Unified Payment

Our integrated payment system is highly flexible. As a result, multiple currencies can be used to transact without having to convert them.

SEO Optimized

You don’t have to worry about reworking the Cameo app clone since our Cameo clone app development service is absolutely SEO-friendly.

Affordable Pricing

We, at FansForX, have used the best and most efficient Cameo clone app development practices. Thus, enabling us to provide it at industry-best prices.

Tech Stack of FansForX Cameo Clone App

The proficiency of the technological expertise and tools we use in the making of the Cameo app clone.

The best cameo clone
The best cameo clone

Pricing Plan

Competitive price for comprehensive app and software solutions. The sophisticated Cameo Clone is client-centric all through the way to provide the best possible software at the best possible price point.

Basic Plan


One time payment

100% source code website

Installation doc

Free support for 6 months

Free installation


Advance Plan


One time payment

100% source code website

Installation doc

Free support for 6 months

Free installation


We do not have any RESELLERS of our items at the time of publishing this page. We also prohibit any of our customers from reselling the product after purchasing it from us. We do share the product's source code with our clients, but we also provide them a perpetual license that is governed by a contract that we sign when a purchase order is issued. Our software solutions do not include a licensing key, but the legal agreement we sign restricts our customers from reselling our source code to anybody else.

For a period of six months following the purchase, we give free bug fixes for our key products. These changes are delivered to your source code repository using GIT pushes. We do not, however, perform the actual code merge or other tasks for you because it would cost us men hours. We provide a variety of premium support options. Because we are the experts on our programs, it makes sense for most of our customers to hire our support crew. Depending on the SLA (Service Level Agreements) required, we provide a variety of support packages.

Yes, you can hire our professionals and our services for all your customization work. However, each customization is chargeable and the price varies depending upon the complexity and nature of the customization work.

Since all our products and services are sold after a free live demo and product demo there is neither return nor refund policy.