Benefits of Using Cryptocurrency

  • More secure than even debit and credit card payments because of its decentralized nature.
  • Lightning-fast payments since there is no intervention from third-party organizations.
  • It has the lowest possible transaction fees hence extremely efficient and profitable.

How Does It Work?



Add your cryptocurrency into our e-wallet – a one-touch process.


Add Item

Scan the code and complete the transaction.


Allow selling

Manage your crypto wallet for future transactions

Crypto Payment Crypto Payment

Admin Panel

An intuitive and smart admin panel that keeps you updated by providing all information in real-time. View, access, and monitor all your transactions, trace your income and expense graph, manage personal and profile information, etc., all under a single dashboard.


Happy customer


Transaction volume achieved,

Crypto Payment gateway Crypto Payment gateway

How To Generate Revenue By Using Cryptocurrency?

Save on Commission Charges:

PayPal and Stripe charge a commission of 6% per transaction. Therefore, with cryptocurrency you can save 6% of commission charge on all your transactions.


Cryptocurrency payments provide complete privacy and with anonymity users can make as many transactions as they want.

Paywall of Adult Content:

Earn admirable profits by continuing to monetize adult content without any repercussions.

How We Help

  • Initial hand-holding by cryptocurrency connoisseurs.
  • Round the clock after sales support.
  • Setup, installation, and preliminary operations of the product.

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