About FansForX’s NFT Marketplace

FansForX’s NFT marketplace is a platform where all artists can produce exciting assets and mint them in NFT that can be listed and auctioned on the marketplace. The trade can only be completed if the user has a wallet, as the transaction is only possible through wallets. You can, however, construct your own marketplace and begin making money.

It's a platform that makes it simple to store and sell NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). These tokens are normally available for purchase or auction at a set price. Users can create an account, upload digital artworks, and sell their work on FansForX’s NFT marketplace.

NFT Marketplace Development platform NFT Marketplace Development platform

Admin Panel

FansForX’s NFT Marketplace has a dedicated admin panel that helps manage all admin related tasks such as NFT listing, bidding, investor relations, wallet integration, notifications, users, personal information, etc.

NFT marketplace NFT marketplace

User Panel

The user panel is designed and built to maximize customer experience with its unique and fluidic interface. The tech team at FansForX has built the user panel in collaboration with active users in the NFT industry.

Key Highlights of FansForX’s NFT Marketplace

  • List Unlimited Number of NFTs
  • Dedicated Dashboards for Admin and Users
  • Track the Listed NFTs

Customer-centric Support

  • Round the clock customer support
  • Absolute freedom to list any number of NFTs
  • Intuitive and intelligent interface to track your NFT

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