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What is FansForX?

FansForX is a white-labeled OnlyFans clone with which you can easily create your own OnlyFans-like platform and start earning revenue from your content. OnlyFans is a popular platform that allows creators to monetize their content through paid subscriptions. Utilize the power of our scalable and flexible script and launch a content-sharing site similar to OnlyFans.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to turn your passion into a business!

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Why Choose FansForX?

FansForX, designed with unique elements, has the sole purpose of helping people create and generate their own creations on the platform. With a whopping user base, FansForX is now home to exclusive content! Why wait any longer?

Add-ons simplify life! When you can tailor the application to your preferences, why stick to the minimal feature set that is included as standard?

  • Multi-Language


  • Post Scheduling

    Post Scheduling

  • Watermark on Video & Image Post

    Watermark on Video & Image Post

  • Private Images & Videos

    Private Images & Videos

  • Apple Pay & In-app Purchase

    Apple Pay & In-app Purchase

  • Wallet / Token System

    Wallet / Token System

Want to have a look at our V6.0 features doc? Click on the button to view the doc!

Exclusive Features on OnlyFans Clone

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Crypto Payments

Payment organization regulations are no longer a problem. You can offer 18+ content without the hassle and increase your profits with the help of cryptocurrency payments. Payments made using cryptocurrencies have some benefits, including no commission fees and a relatively low transaction fee.

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Create Your Own NFT

A cutting-edge function that allows content providers to create and sell NFT Tokens. An innovative feature that enables even computer experts to be successful content developers. Your only fans clone software will be more profitable if it has an NFT marketplace because NFT tokens are known for being profitable and rewarding.

Business Model

FansForX is much more than just an OnlyFans alternative app. The Onlyfans clones script is a comprehensive business plan!

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Localize the global reach. Listeners can now communicate with their preferred podcasters with this program.

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News Reporters

Without a doubt, news reporters have a sizable following. Users can have a closer look at the lives of these enjoyable and responsible people.

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Adult Industry

Do not undervalue the impact of adult performers, whether or not they are paid. A detailed insider's account of their life.

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The actors have been observed by viewers, but what about off-screen? Users can satisfy their curiosity by establishing a connection with the actor.

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Wouldn't it be fantastic if established gamers gave newcomers some advice? It is made possible by the celebrity subscription model of this Onlyfans clone app. Users can show off, learn, and outperform their peers!

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Fitness Trainers

A desire can now become a reality with the assistance of the fitness experts themselves on this dependable app like Onlyfans.

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Fashion Designers

The world is now in better shape thanks to them. The amount of work that goes into each design is disclosed through the social media subscription service Onlyfans.

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Culinary Experts

A tasty supper is appreciated by all. Through this app, users may get in touch with some of the top food producers in the world.

OnlyFans Clone - Competitors Analysis

Mobile Features for Users

We provide customers with an interactive dashboard with functions resembling those of the OnlyFans app.

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onlyfans clones script
apps like onlyfans
onlyfans clone
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app like only fans
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FansForX Builds a Platforms Like This

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cameo logo
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onlyfriends logo

Mobile Features for Models

FansForX provides interactive features for users as well as a dedicated dashboard for the Models/Content Creators with its efficient OnlyFans clone script.

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Upload Photo

onlyfans app

Earnings Dashboard

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Sell Video

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Sell Product

only fans app

Update Bio

clone script development

Manage Event

clone app development

Create Album

whitelable onlyfans clone

Upload Video

whitelable onlyfans clone

Chat with Users

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Upload Bulk Photos


The tech flow of this effective Onlyfans clone is fluid and precise and easily outperforms the competition. The Onlyfans clone script has a tech flow that prioritizes performance over cost. Flawless user experience even with high usage.

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Monetization using OnlyFans Clone script

This script is a revenue-generating app like OnlyFans. The celebrity membership model of this OnlyFans app clone offers financial benefits to content producers and app administrators.

Premium Content Subscription Solution like OnlyFans

Premium Subscriptions

The social media subscription model enables content producers to set a monthly subscription charge.

Premium Content Subscription Solution like OnlyFans

Referral Program

Models and content producers can make money by referring other models and producers to sign up for the OnlyFans clone app.

Content Subscription Solution like OnlyFans

Premium Chat

Users can pay a fee, to personally communicate with models and content producers. Pay-per-view is the operating model for a premium chat.

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Live Streaming

Live-streaming models can make money by accepting tips from their viewers for different requests. The influencer market is improved by higher earnings.

Supported Media Formats On OnlyFans Clone Script

Video Formats Website Mobile Browser Android
.mp4 Yes Yes Yes
.mp3 Yes Yes Yes
.mov Yes Yes Yes
.mwv No No No
.mwv No No No
.webm Yes Yes Yes
.mkv Yes Yes Yes
.avi No No Yes
Image Formats Website Mobile Browser Android
.apng Yes Yes No
.avif No Yes No
.gif Yes Yes Yes
.jpeg Yes Yes Yes
.png Yes Yes Yes
.svg No No Yes
.webp Yes Yes Yes
.bmp Yes Yes No
.tif No No No
.jpg Yes Yes Yes

Change Log

A never-before user experience is ensured by the NFT-based OnlyFans app clone, which is continually working to give timely and intelligent upgrades to the current software and Onlyfans clone script.

Pricing Plan

Competitive price for comprehensive app and software solutions. The sophisticated OnlyFans clone script is client-centric all through the way to provide the best possible software at the best possible price point.

Basic Plan

$ 699
  • One time payment
  • 100% source code website
  • Installation doc
  • Features doc
  • Free support for 6 months
  • Free installation

Advance Plan

$ 999
  • One time payment
  • 100% source code website
  • Installation doc
  • Features doc
  • Free support for 6 months
  • Free installation

The Founding Pillars

ceo image

Aravith Ramesh

Founder & CTO

coo image

Vithya R

Chief Operating Officer

cmo image

Yadhunandan K R

Chief Marketing Officer

That’s What They Said


adult site development

FansForX uses some of the best technologies available in the market to design, develop and deploy. We use advanced tech stack including:

  • Laravel 7.30.4 for Backend development
  • ReactJS 16.13 for Frontend development
  • MySQL 14.14 for Databas
  • Agora for Audio/Video streaming -
  • for Chat
  • Stripe, PayPal, Coingate and Coin switch (crypto payment) for Payment gateway

The OnlyFans clone script provides a live demo of the product to all clients prior to its purchase. Therefore, we do not provide any kind of refund either for our products or services.

Yes, this OnlyFans app clone provides free post-launch maintenance for a period of six months, after which, a nominal fee is levied for post-launch maintenance.

No, sites like OnlyFans do not provide hosting services. However, it does recommend DigitalOcean or AWS.

Yes, we will provide you the script along with an installation doc for you to install the script by yourself.

Yes, the script is customizable once purchased.

Once the product is purchased from the NFT based OnlyFans app clone you (the client) will own the complete source code.

Yes, since OnlyFans clone app is a white-label service provider, you can have your own brand and logo of any type, which the tech department will help design and develop.

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