The Startup and Growth of OnlyFans

The OnlyFans app is a London based social media platform that is reforming creator-fan connection and the influencer marketplace. Artists and content creators across all genres can be part of OnlyFans app to connect with their fanbase. When it all started it was considered as a niche with an under-the-radar guise since it allowed adult entertainers to monetize through celebrity subscription on its platform. However, it is now emerging as a mainstream phenomenon, with over a million content creators and 90 million registered users giving rise to numerous OnlyFans clone apps.

What is FansForX?

FansForX is a white-labelled OnlyFans clone app that is robust, sophisticated, and streamlined for the best user experience. FansForX is also a OnlyFans clone app developer with a dedicated and persuasive tech team that can help create social media subscription platforms just like OnlyFans app.

Partner with us now to launch your OnlyFans clone app and start your influencer marketplace journey to success as a content creator.

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apps like onlyfans

Personal Chat

Smooth, simple, and elegant interface for quick and highly responsive messaging experience. Don’t stop there! Share varied media content including images and videos through the personal chat box and monetize via the pay-per-view model and elevate your app experience.

Want to have a look at our V6.0 features doc? Click on the button to view the doc!

Exclusive Features on OnlyFans Clone

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Crypto Payments

You don’t have to worry about regulations of payment organizations anymore. Thanks to Crypto payments, you can now continue to sell 18+ content hassle-free and increase your profits. Crypto payments offer a plethora of benefits including no commission charges and nominally lesser transaction fee.

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Create Your Own NFT

A new and advanced feature that lets content creators generate and sell NFT Tokens. An industry-first feature that allows even tech experts to become successful content creators. NFT tokens are renowned for their lucrative nature and profitability, thus having NFT marketplace on your Onlyfans clone app proliferates your profitability.

Download $499 worth OnlyFans Clone Software For Free

Business Model

FansForX is not just an OnlyFans clone, it is much more than that. The business model of this Onlyfans clone script is exclusively inclusive!!!

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Localizing the global reach. The listeners can now use the Cameo clone script and have a dialogue with their favourite podcasters.

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News Reporters

The fan following of news reporters is undeniable. Users can get a closer look at these fun and responsible people’s lives.

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Adult Industry

Never undermine the impact of adult entertainers, on or off-duty. Up-close and personal view into their lives.

apps like onlyfans apps like onlyfans


People have watched the actors on-screen; but what about off-screen? Users can feed their curiosity by connecting to the person of the actor.

apps like onlyfans apps like onlyfans


Wouldn’t it be awesome for gaming legends to share some tips with budding gamers? This Cameo clone app makes it possible through its celebrity subscription model. Users can learn, beat their peers, and show off!!!

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Fitness Trainers

What once was a dream can now become a reality with personal advice from the fitness trainers themselves on this sturdy Cameo clone script.

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Fashion Designers

Hands down! they have made the world a better place. Onlyfans clone script is a social media subscription platform to unravel the effort that goes behind each design.

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Culinary Experts

Everybody enjoys a great plate of food. With this app, users can meet the makers of some of the best food in the world.

OnlyFans Clone - Competitors Analysis

Mobile Features for Users

We provide a dedicated dashboard, just like OnlyFans app, with interactive features for the users.

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apps like onlyfans
apps like onlyfans
onlyfans clone
apps like onlyfans
apps like onlyfans
apps like onlyfans

Become Like This


Mobile Features for Models

FansForX, with its efficient OnlyFans clone script, provides a dedicated and customizable dashboard for the Models/Content Creators with interactive features for the users.

apps like onlyfans

Upload Photo

Users can quickly and easily upload a photo, crop, edit, and apply filters.

apps like onlyfans

Chat with Users and Other Content Creators

This is for the content creators to connect with both their fans as well as their peers.

apps like onlyfans

Earnings Dashboard

Content creators can easily track and assess their earnings on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis on this Cameo clone app.

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Create Album

Organizing your photos is now a breeze as you can create dedicated albums for each occasion.

apps like onlyfans

Upload Video

Videos speak louder than words. Upload a cropped or a brief video quickly.

apps like onlyfans

Sell Video

Want to monetize your videos? You can now upload and sell your videos with a simple promo.

apps like onlyfans

Sell Product

Upload photographs of products that are up for sale and make money from them.

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Update Bio

A timely update of bio is important to keep up with the trend. Go ahead and update your bio as you like.

apps like onlyfans

Manage Event

You can host or set up events and manage upcoming broadcasts, product launches, announcements, etc.

apps like onlyfans

Upload Bulk Photos

Planning on uploading numerous photos of your recent trip or party? With the bulk upload option, it is now easier than ever.


A fluidic and precise tech-flow of this efficient Cameo clone script, effortlessly surpasses the competition. The tech-flow of Onlyfans clone script is economical and performance-driven. Flawless interface even under heavy usage.

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Monetization using OnlyFans Clone script

This is a revenue-generating OnlyFans clone script. Both content creators and app admins can benefit from the monetary in-flow through the celebrity subscription model of this OnlyFans app clone.

Premium Content Subscription Solution like OnlyFans

Premium Subscriptions

The social media subscription model lets the content creators set a subscription fee every month. Starting at a base price, the creators can charge their fans any amount without any upper limit. It empowers the creators to leverage their fame, content, and business skills to earn.

Premium Content Subscription Solution like OnlyFans

Referral Program

Models and content creators can earn by referring other models and creators to enroll themselves with the OnlyFans clone app.

Premium Content Subscription Solution like OnlyFans

Premium Chat

Users can connect with models and content creators through personal chat for a premium. Premium chat operates based on pay-per-view mode. Users can freely submit their messages to the models or creators but have to pay to view their reply.

Premium Content Subscription Solution like OnlyFans

Live Streaming

Models live stream and earn via tips sent to them by their fans for various requests. The better the earning, the better the influencer marketplace.

Why Choose FansForX?

Add-ons make life easy! Why limit yourself to the basic feature list that comes standard with the application when you can customize it according to your personal preference?

Premium Content Subscription Solution like OnlyFans

Apple Pay & In-app Purchase

The in-app purchase features allows the users to purchase personalized merchandise from their favorite celebrities quickly and efficiently through Apple Pay. Simply superb!

Premium Content Subscription Solution like OnlyFans

Payment Gateway

Don’t worry about slow and incompatible payment apps. The robust OnlyFans clone script is integrated with multiple payment gateways for safe and effortless payments.

Premium Content Subscription Solution like OnlyFans


Celebrities have a global fanbase and this NFT based OnlyFans app clone has made every effort to help the users of various linguistic backgrounds to access the Cameo clone app and its features in their own language.

Premium Content Subscription Solution like OnlyFans

Post Scheduling

Do you have content that needs to go live at a specific time? Our OnlyFans clone script allows you to schedule the post. Upload the post, set the time, and enjoy a hassle-free content posting in a consistent manner.

Premium Content Subscription Solution like OnlyFans

Watermark on Video & Image Post

Worried about copyright infringement of your content? We got your back! You can now add bespoke watermarks on your video and image posts and have worry-free content creation and posting.

Premium Content Subscription Solution like OnlyFans

Private Images & Videos

Private sharing has never been this easy. With this OnlyFans clone script you have access to dedicated private space with end-to-end encryption for a secure sharing experience of your images and videos.

Premium Content Subscription Solution like OnlyFans

Wallet / Token System

Punching in your bank account details each transaction is a tedious and high-risk task. The dedicated wallet system lets you transact almost immediately in a safe and secure manner. You can use tokens that are worth the actual money to transact, which is the most safest and quickest way to pay or receive money.

Fluidic Interface/ Intuitive App Pages

Access all the information at a glance through the thoughtfully put together pages.

Supported Media Formats On OnlyFans Clone Script

Video Formats Website Mobile Browser Android
.mp4 Yes Yes Yes
.mp3 Yes Yes Yes
.mov Yes Yes Yes
.mwv No No No
.mwv No No No
.webm Yes Yes Yes
.mkv Yes Yes Yes
.avi No No Yes
Image Formats Website Mobile Browser Android
.apng Yes Yes No
.avif No Yes No
.gif Yes Yes Yes
.jpeg Yes Yes Yes
.png Yes Yes Yes
.svg No No Yes
.webp Yes Yes Yes
.bmp Yes Yes No
.tif No No No
.jpg Yes Yes Yes
onlyfans clone app development
onlyfans clone app development
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FansForX is smooth as honey and precise as an arrow on all devices and screens. Compatibility at its best.

Note – Since FansForX accommodates adult content along with general content it will not be directly available on the app stores. We will provide you with the APK through which you can download the mobile app

Change Log

The NFT based OnlyFans app clone is constantly at work to provide timely and judicious updates to the existing software and Onlyfans clone script, ensuring a never-before user experience.

Pricing Plan

Competitive price for comprehensive app and software solutions. The sophisticated cameo clone script is client-centric all through the way to provide the best possible software at the best possible price point.

Basic Plan

  • One time payment
  • 100% source code website
  • Free support for 6 months
  • Installation doc
  • Features doc
  • Free installation

Advance Plan

  • One time payment
  • 100% source code website & apps
  • Free support for 6 months
  • Installation doc
  • Features doc
  • Free installation
Customer Reviews

Customers are oftentimes the most brutally honest people. Listen to what our customers have to say about us. Sincere and forthright testimonials from our gratified customers.


FanForX uses some of the best technologies available in the market to design, develop and deploy. We use advanced tech stack including:

  • Laravel 7.30.4 for Backend development
  • ReactJS 16.13 for Frontend development
  • MySQL 14.14 for Databas
  • Agora for Audio/Video streaming -
  • for Chat
  • Stripe, PayPal, Coingate and Coin switch (crypto payment) for Payment gateway

The OnlyFans clone script provides a live demo of the product to all clients prior to its purchase. Therefore, we do not provide any kind of refund either for our products or services.

Yes, this OnlyFans app clone provides free post-launch maintenance for a period of six months, after which, a nominal fee is levied for post-launch maintenance.

No, sites like OnlyFans do not provide hosting services. However, it does recommend DigitalOcean or AWS.

Yes, we will provide you the script along with an installation doc for you to install the script by yourself.

Yes, the script is customizable once purchased.

Once the product is purchased from the NFT based OnlyFans app clone you (the client) will own the complete source code.

Yes, since OnlyFans clone app is a white-label service provider, you can have your own brand and logo of any type, which the tech department will help design and develop.

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