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It’s time to break free from platform limitations. Create your own subscription-based social media platform with our highly customizable onlyfans clone script. Get 100% access to the source code and build your thriving content empire.


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How FansForX Can Help You?

At FansForX, we offer custom-tailored solutions to help creators have their own subscription-based community marketplace like Patreon, Cameo , and OnlyFans.

With our OnlyFans Clone script, you can personalize your online space as per your preferences and manage your content platform on your own terms.

  • Own your content: Get 100% source code access with API integration.
  • Monetize your skills: Offer subscriptions, premium services, merchandise and product sales
  • Increase outreach: Reach out to a diversified audience with a dedicated content distribution channel.

Why Choose FansForX?

FansForX offers an OnlyFans clone script. Our sole purpose is to help creators and artists build and grow their own membership-based community. That's it! Scale up your content game today with our host of benefits:

  • Highly Customizable: Be in control of your own community platform.
  • Content Rights: Source code is freely available for easy customization.
  • Multi Language Support: Enjoy easy interaction with your global audience.
  • Super Responsive Mobile Platform: Stay in touch with your community on the go.
  • Exclusive Content: Private photo and video streaming options for premium users.
  • Payments Made Simple: Apple Pay and in-app transactions for seamless transfer.


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Why Create an OnlyFans Clone App?

The subscription-based creator platform market is thriving - this has introduced an incredible opportunity for creators and artists to build their own marketplace community on their own terms.

With platforms like OnlyFans clone app, content creators can create direct and meaningful connections with their fan base while monetizing their content. Creators get the flexibility to tailor their platform as per their niche, ensuring ultimate authority over features and earning streams.

The appeal of our script lies in its versatility and control. With a highly customizable platform, creators can shape their online presence and promote their brand as per their unique vision and goals.


Advantages of Having Your Own OnlyFans Like Platform

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Monetization Powerhouse

Creators can set their pricing, accept in-chat tokens, and sell physical or digital merchandise via built-in storefronts.

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Engaged Community Features

Personalized dashboards, interactive social features (stories, polls, comments), and seamless live events with monetization options.

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Build Your Brand

Attract a passionate creator base by targeting specific interested audience segments with tailored features and content.

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Innovative Engagement Tools

Improved creator-fan interactions with live Q&A sessions, workshops, and personalized content drops like shoutouts and videos.

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Safe and Private

Creators and their fans gain control over the visibility and usage of their content on a safe and secured subscription platform.

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Scalable & Customizable

Designed for easy customization. Enjoy seamless integration with leading payment gateways and analytics tools.

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Our Business Model

FansForX is much more than an OnlyFans clone; we help creators from every industry to have their own sustainable business model.

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Cast your net wide. FansForX enables fans to communicate with their favorite podcast hosts on a personal level, thus creating a global community knit tightly together.

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News Reporters

Fans can engage with their favorite news hosts. Subscribers can now gain exclusive access to behind-the-scenes and get a closer look at the lives of news moguls.

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Adult Industry Creators

OnlyFans clone provides private access to actors’ fan base, helps gain loyal followers, and offers more intimate local content than public platforms.

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Culinary Experts

FansForX connects users with renowned chefs and culinary experts. Chefs can use the OnlyFans clone platform to offer exclusive cooking recipes and live streams.

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Pro gamers may offer OnlyFans clone celebrity subscriptions to host livestreams and reach out to their fans - a perfect way to showcase your skills to your supporters!

fitness-trainers fitness-trainers

Fitness Trainers

Followers can connect with fitness professionals and purchase tailored workout programs. Creators may also offer live consultations and fitness subscriptions.

fashion-designers-icon fashion-designers-icon

Fashion Designers

Let your fans experience it all! Designers can create accounts to showcase their creative process to subscribers, who can access exclusive previews of upcoming collections.

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With a subscription model, fans can enjoy exclusive face-to-face interactions with their favorite stars. VIP access offers insight into celebrities' personal lives, allowing fans to develop deeper connections.

OnlyFans Clone - Competitors Analysis

Mobile Features for Users on Only Fans Clone App


Mobile Features for Creators on OnlyFans Clone

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Earnings Dashboard

Track your earnings within specific time frames, manage subscribers, and engage with viewers.

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Event Planning

Create exclusive events and online activities to enhance audience engagement and increase outreach.

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Private Messaging

Engage and interact with subscribers personally and grow a wider and loyal audience base.

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Easy Uploads

Upload photos, videos, and other media directly from your phone or tablet to the platform to share with your subscribers.

logo logo

Live Streaming

Stream live from anywhere. Enjoy an interactive experience with your fans on your own terms.

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Monetize Products

Create multiple revenue streams by selling digital goods and merchandise to your subscribers.

FansForX Builds a Platforms Like This

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Technology Stack: How Does it Work?

Our OnlyFans clone code has been built upon a scalable architecture that guarantees optimal performance and security.

We ensure a flawless user experience by prioritizing fluid integration of frontend and backend tools

The best cameo clone
The best cameo clone
The best cameo clone
The best cameo clone
The best cameo clone

Types of OnlyFans Clone

Web-Based Platform

Offers complete customization May require technical knowledge in coding or website development.

OnlyFans Clone Script

Ready-to-use white label OnlyFans clone solution that ensures quicker implementation.

White Label Solution Platform

Pre-designed platform with customization options. Perfect combination of efficiency and control.

Monetization with OnlyFans Clone Script Download

Our OnlyFans clone code operates on a revenue-generating model similar to OnlyFans. Creators and app administrators can enjoy financial benefits in many ways



Monetize your content with a monthly subscription model. Set the price and get the majority of the revenue from your subscribers.


Referral Program

Invite creators to join your network on our OnlyFans clone platform and earn incentives for referrals.


Premium Chat

Engage in one-on-one conversations with fans in private chats where they pay to participate.


Live Streaming

Host real-time interactive live streams where your fans can actively engage during broadcasts. Viewers can send virtual tips online during live-stream events.


Platform Fees

Receive a percentage of all subscription fees paid by subscribers, along with additional revenue from tips and in-app purchases.

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Revenue Model for Creators & Product Owners

How creators can make money:

  • Tiered Subscriptions: Customize prices for exclusive content access.
  • Live Monetization: Earn tokens during live calls and pay-per-view (PPV) events.
  • Direct Sales: Integrated store to sell merchandise and packages.
  • Virtual Gifting: Fans can buy and give virtual presents during live shows.
  • Advertising Opportunities: Partner with companies for additional income.

How product owners earn:

  • Subscription Share: Gain a percentage of all subscriptions and memberships.
  • Product Selling: Sell or cross-sell products and merchandise to generate revenue.
  • Website Ads: Get revenue from advertisements displayed on the creator’s feed.
  • Commission: Earn commissions based on sales generated through the platform.

Legalities and Regulations

Content Moderation

To comply with local regulations as well as user safety, our OnlyFans clone establishes clear guidelines and enforces them stringently.


Payment Processing and
In-app Purchases

Availability of credible gateway payment methods that adhere to financial regulations effectively.


Data Privacy Protection

Strong data security systems that conform to global privacy policies, such as GDPR, are enabled.


Pricing Plan for Our OnlyFans Script Download

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Create your own community marketplace with an exclusive one-time payment of $199. Avail exciting in-app features, easy-to-use software, and 100% source code script at the best possible price point!



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  • 100% source code website
  • Installation doc
  • Features doc Click Here

Why We Do, What We Do

whitelable onlyfans clone app development

My experience with FansForX has been extremely enjoyable. It is a delightful app and has elevated and grown my adult business. I increased my profit margin to a great extent by using FansForX. Thank you Suraj for helping me all through the way!

Premium Content Subscription Solution like OnlyFans

I was looking out for a stable marketplace application for a long time and FansForX came as a revelation. Now I am relishing every moment with this robust application. Thank you team, you guys are incredible!

Selva Martin
adult site development

For me FansForX is second to none. It is finally worth the long wait. Its interface, operation, and performance are mighty impressive. FansForX is undoubtedly my best business partner.

Jefrin Deena
subscription based social media platform

FansForX is an amazing app. Ever since I got my hands on this incredibly reliable business app, there is no turning back. I am completely overwhelmed (in a good way) by FansForX. Couldn’t have asked for anything better.


Frequently Asked Questions

FansForX uses some of the best technologies available in the market to design, develop and deploy. Our tech stack includes Laravel, ReactJS, MySQL, Agora for,, Stripe, PayPal, CCBill, Coingate and Coin switch.

We offer a live demo of our OnlyFans clone script to all clients prior to its purchase. Therefore, we do not offer a refund for our products or services.

Yes, we offer free post-launch support for a period of six months. After that period, we levy a nominal fee for platform maintenance.

No, currently, we don’t offer hosting facilities with our OnlyFans clone script download. However, we recommend using DigitalOcean or AWS with our script.

Yes. Once you purchase the script, we will provide you with details for easy installation of the code by yourself. You can customize the source code as per your requirements.

Yes. FansForX is a white label service provider. This means that you will own the complete source code of our OnlyFans clone upon purchase. You can have your own brand and logo on your platform, which we will help you design and develop.